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MD Anderson South Of Holcombe Campus Developments

Highrise Tower

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MD Anderson South Of Holcombe Campus Developments:

https://www4.mdanderson.org/procurement/bids/index.cfm?pagename=viewBid&id=6738&name=Request for Qualification

Owner seeks design-build services for its Pressler Street Garage 2 project. The project scope will include site development, which includes utility infrastructure work, construction of the exterior shell and core, and the limited interior finish-out of the facility. The goal is to construct a new garage facility to help meet the institution's parking facility needs. This facility is anticipated to be a free-standing, 1,200-car (minimum) parking garage of approximately 570,000 gross square feet (GSF), to be located on Pressler Street along Fannin Street, and adjacent to the Dan L. Duncan Building. This facility primarily will serve the needs of workforce members who currently park in the garage adjacent to Mid Campus Building 1 but who do not work in that facility.

The project has a Design-Build Budget Limitation (DBBL) of TWENTY ONE MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS AND NO/100 ($21,500,000.00).







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kmd architects did a master plan for MDACC once.


The challenge for the design team (KMD in association with FKP, Houston) was to create a new paradigm for cancer care and a plan that would minimize the institutional effect of its daunting size while being able to adapt to technological advances in the equipment and treatment of cancer patients. The team succeeded in constructing an inviting and soothing ambulatory care setting with long-term usability and value.

The ACB was envisioned as an integral piece of a ‘campus’ designed in the manner of an Italian Village with a central piazza. The master plan called for a series of medium-height buildings organized around the central village green, the ACB being the first of four buildings that will surround a central “healing garden”.

The proposed campus is on Pressler between Bertner & Fannin.  This would take out the mentioned surface lot and half of the greenspace called MD Anderson Prairie. 



Pressler Street Garage 2 is apart of the Phase 4.


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  • 6 months later...
  • The title was changed to MD Anderson Pressler St. Garage 2
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On 6/20/2021 at 8:07 PM, Highrise Tower said:

A TMC development map I found includes a tower on MD Anderson's Prairie land. Tower number 10.


I'm pretty sure building number 10 is the former Houston Main Building which was demolished in 2012. It makes sense for it to be in this image since the MD Anderson Alkek tower expansion, which was completed before the Houston Main Building's demolition, isn't shown.

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  • The title was changed to MD Anderson South Holcombe Campus

Master Framework 2030 - Bridging Strategy dated 1.28.2022.

MD Anderson is focusing on a new campus called South of Holcombe.  It will be a total of 4 buildings (+1 garage). They are shifting out of the North Campus and creating a formal South of Holcombe Campus.  I wonder if this shift is preparing for the planned dual Patient Towers?

The 2 and 3 Ambulatory Clinical Buildings are being designed for future vertical expansion! Will reach a total of 25 floors!!

The next 10 years of the TMC is going to be wild!!











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KMD Architects and FKP Architects created a MD Anderson South of Holcombe Campus Master Plan. The master plan features 4 buildings and 1 parking garage.  I believe the master plan is old? I haven't seen a rendering of the new layout and 2/3 Ambulatory Clinical Buildings.  It would be great if Elkus Manfredi did the master plan. Elkus Manfredi really took off with our medical center. They have done 5 major TMC project this year.  TMC Helix Park, MD Anderson SCRB 5, TMC BioPort, TMC Innovation Factory, and finally the proposed Bayou Tech Hub that fell through.

I look forward to seeing the new master plan!








Here is the current stacking plan for 2/3 ACB.  Very tall buildings. Will definitely make a statement for people riding the METRO Red Line!


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A fence with a blue screen appeared this week.  I'd hope this was setup for ACB2 and 3ACB forthcoming construction.

It appears to be a chiller replacement for the Dan L. Duncan building that's located within the SOH campus?  I see, and I might be wrong, a generator, a trailer, and 3 chillers (or other equipment.)

The new Ambulatory Clinical Buildings are supposed to cost a fortune! I believe one of them is $1.2 billion? The other is $900 million if I recall correctly.

Any renderings of the proposed towers? Glass facade or pink stone?






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  • The title was changed to MD Anderson South Of Holcombe Campus Developments
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In the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Capital Expenditure Plan Report dated September 2022; there is talk about the forthcoming MD Anderson Ambulatory Clinical Buildings 2 and 3.

Both in footprint, and dollar value, these 2 buildings are very impressive.  Believe it's 2.5 million square feet and nearly $2.5 billion in cost.

The buildings are said to start construction in July 2024.

4qcSeZa.jpegAlso known as 2ACB and 3ACB.




Stopped by this weekend to take an aerial view photograph of the allocated land space for the proposed towers.

Supposed to take out this park space here:


Also the small surface parking lot:


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