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New Users Unable to Create Login [Should be fixed -ed]


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This is largely an e-mail delivery issue.  It affects mostly people with Gmail accounts, and is affecting thousands of web sites right now.  It's a big topic of discussion in the sysop fora I read.


Google, in its own interest, is dropping inbound email messages, apparently at random.  A server can be perfectly configured, have been sending e-mail for a decade or more, and be on no black lists, and yet Google will silently discard the message.  It doesn't mark it spam for the user to find, or send an error to the sender or sending server stating that it's refused.  It all just disappears.


This is in Google's interest because we end up in the situation we have today where people just want their e-mail.  They, naturally, say "Well, I have no problems getting message on Gmail.  You should switch to Gmail, too!"  


This pressure is causing people and companies to start moving to Gmail, which is not in the best interest of their users; only Google's.


It's just one of about a dozen things Google has done in the last 15 months to make the web a worse place to be.  The whole web is headed back to AOL days when people didn't know the difference between AOL and the internet.  Except this time people think Google is the internet.


I'm still tinkering, trying to figure out what can be done, and seeing what results other people's experiments are yielding.  But it's a corporate decision at Google to break the established standards and do its own thing.


I know registrations are working because I check them every few days.  When I checked about 10 minutes ago, the only ones left hanging were from people on GMail.  So for those, I'm checking the registration IP address and approving the accounts if the connection looks legit.


Sorry for the inconvenience.  It's something bad happening to the internet right now.  I'll keep pushing buttons and see what happens.

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Since this is a bigger problem than I realized, I've gone nuclear and I'm now paying for an e-mail account at a GMail competitor.  One that has a massive staff to counter Google's tricks, and one that still respects its users privacy and internet standards.


I've done a couple of tests and it all seems to work now.  People should be able to get their verification e-mails.


If you know of anyone who is having trouble, please as them to try again.  Also please let any discussion threads in other fora know that this should be fixed and it would be great if they'd try again.


Let everyone know that if they still have problems, they can contact me directly at editor@houstonarchitecture.com, and I'll take care of it personally.


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