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I Come In Peace Dark Angel Film Locations


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I know this movie has been mentioned before as one of those shot in Houston, but I don’t think there has been a thorough discussion about the locations used in the film.

For those unaware, this is a film starring Dolph Lundgren as an HPD detective investigating a string of murders tied to the drug trade. The plot is far fetched, the dialogue a bit cliched, campy and flat out awful sometimes, and the explosions a bit over the top.

But, it was shot almost exclusively in and around downtown Houston and gives a decent portrayal of what downtown was like in the late 1980s. It also provides some cool shots of the downtown Houston skyline, including a close-range flyover from the north side of downtown looking south, focused on Heritage Plaza (which was just recently completed at the time).

A few of the notable locations featured:

•HPD/municipal court building on Lubbock

•Capitol Bail Bonds at 607 Houston Ave

•The Harris County Court annex at 1310 Prairie (which were apparently high-end apartments back then?)

•Cullen Center

•Various storefronts on Main St.

•Navigation St underpass (an HPD cruiser even crashes into the center support)

There are a ton of other locations which I don’t recognize, but then again it was almost 30 years ago so some of those places are long gone. Maybe some of y’all can identify the ones I left out?

(I’m not sure if this is the proper place for this, so Mods feel free to move it.)

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