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Today I was trying to dig some old photos out a member sent me and to my surprise, I couldn't see my message inbox past 2 years (they were closer to 4 years). The list just doesn't go down that far. Luckily, it appears that they're still on the server (Inbox says 132 messages) but I can't figure out how to access the message I want. I tried to humor the system by turning off adblocks and others, but...no luck, and searching is of course broken. Does anyone have the same problem? Is there a fix?

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On 9/28/2018 at 5:25 AM, IronTiger said:

I did re-check the replies to make sure that the 132 weren't the messages and replies, but 40 replies are still unaccounted for. I'd rather see the site sold again to someone who can at least maintain it.

Help is on the way.


PM me with any issues you have and I'll add them to the list of things to fix.


Also, I tried to search the word "texaco" and it seemed to work.  Can you be more specific about the problems you have with the search function?




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