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Canopy By Hilton San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel At 123 North St. Mary's St.

Highrise Tower

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The new 24-story boutique Canopy by Hilton hotel will provide a fresh façade downtown in the San Antonio’s world famous River Walk in the heart of downtown with numerous area restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. Construction began in January 2017 and the hotel will open in the Fall of 2018.

The hotel connects three existing buildings – the MIC building, Esquire Tavern, and Sullivan Bank. The MIC building will be replaced entirely by the boutique hotel all while enveloping the Sullivan Bank building due to its historic significance. Sullivan Bank will be restored and reworked into the new structure all while maintaining the historic integrity of the Office of Historic Preservation of San Antonio. Esquire Tavern is not part of the new development however a portion of the cantilever will protrude over the existing space, necessitating careful construction coordination to avoid disrupting operations of the tavern.

When faced with challenge of construction on a tight city site and preserving existing buildings, the team provided an innovative design solutions featuring cantilevered transfer walls. The team’s design balances the need to preserve the existing buildings while providing the new 3,000 square feet of meeting space, 195 rooms and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace overlooking the River Walk.

Architect Gensler
Construction Cost $40 million
Completion Date March 2018
Project Size 115,000 SF
18 floors

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