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Need Help Identifying Houston Park


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So, I visited this park in Houston sometime in 2011 for an Aramco Houston Half-Marathon volunteer appreciation event/BBQ. It was a relatively-smaller park with a community center building fronted by a parking lot along the length of the building. I seem to recall a sign in the front which was concrete/stone, different than the typical wood signs identifying parks in Houston/Harris County. It was on a smaller two lane street, with older ranch style homes nearby, so I assume that the community building dated to the late 1950s-early 1960s. I also remember a wooded dead-end street just around the corner from where the park was, and an older model Mercedes Benz sitting in the driveway of a house that seemed abandoned.


I believe this park was somewhere north of I-10 (and possibly 610) and west of I-45. Based on what I recall about the immediate area, Garden Oaks/Oak Forest or Timbergrove comes to mind, but I cannot find anything on Google maps satellite view which seems to correspond. It’s possible that the building may have been torn down since then.


At the time I lived in Clear Lake, so my Houston geography was nowhere near what it is now. I’m hoping to see if anyone has any ideas where this might have been.


Thanks in advance!

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I agree that that is a good possible candidate. I had looked at it before, but from what I remember the community center was smaller and not two stories, and the acreage of the park itself was smaller as well. The buildings around Woodland Park are also older than I recall.


Thanks for the input though, I appreciate it!

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