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Phillips 66 At 4702 Beechnut St.

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They've hauled away lot of the rubble and the frame to the original station is still there. My guess is just a new gas station. It was always a lot less crowded than the much nicer Chevron across 610.  

On ‎6‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 0:36 PM, Sky-guy said:

No idea what’ll replace that gas station, but I’m glad they're tearing it down. It’s been abandoned for years. 


It was open until Harvey and then closed after flooding. 

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Found this permit that shows its a remodel

Project No: 17084134
Date : 2018/05/30 00:00:00
USE : 3,602 SQ FT C-STORE REMODEL 1-1-5-M-B '1
Owner/Occupant : *MEYERLAND CITGO
Job Address : 4702 BEECHNUT ST 77096
Valuation : $ 225,000
Permit Type : 13
FCC Group : Non-Residential Alteration
Address : 17171 PARK ROW DR 77084
Phone : (281) 492-9555
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At a quick glimpse the other day it looked like a faded Phillips 66 sign but on a closer look it's a cover (canvas?, plastic?) that's been placed over the sign post with a faded/pastel Phillips 66 logo.  Whether there ever was a 66 station there I don't remember but apparently the rebuilt is going to be a 66.

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  • The title was changed to Gas Station At Beechnut St. & 610
  • The title was changed to Phillips 66 At 4702 Beechnut St.

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