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New COH Floodplain Regulations


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Has anyone else read up on these?  I saw the headlines a few weeks back but hadn't really read in any detail until lately, and honestly after doing so I'm having a hard time understanding some of the logic of the new regulations.  To summarize, whereas previously new construction within 100 year floodplain had to be built to the 100 year floodplain + 1 foot, now new construction within the 500 year floodplain must be built floodplain + 2 feet.  The argument for the change is laid out in the following document:




The gist of the argument is that, of the 31,822 homes in the floodplain that were studied, 84% of those structures would have avoided flooding had they been elevated at the 500 year floodplain + 2 ft


The error in logic that I see is that it is acknowledged in a few places that FEMA is releasing new floodplain maps for Houston within the next few months, and I think everyone realizes that the old floodplain maps were either terribly outdated or just totally inaccurate.  Either way, wouldn't it have made more sense to wait until the new floodplain maps are released and then use them as a guide for what the appropriate new building level should be?  As is, we are using inaccurate maps (note that a higher % of homes flooded within 500 year floodplain in Harvey than 100 year floodplain) to set new building restrictions; at the same time, the new maps are likely to show a vastly increased 100 and 500-year floodplain (at least in certain watersheds).


I definitely have a personal interest in these new floodplain restrictions as my house is at the edge of the current 100 year floodplain though it has never flooded.  It just seems like these new restrictions were rushed knowing that a key critical element (the FEMA maps themselves) are set to be revised in the coming months.  The nearest gauge to me indicates a 4.3' difference in 100 and 500 year elevations, so could potentially be a huge deal in my neighborhood though hopefully Project Brays has offset some of this


Am I missing something here?




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On ‎5‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 1:38 PM, AREJAY said:

I'm with you, @OkieEric. My house is a 50s original in the 100 year plain and has never flooded. New mapping and Atlas 14 will show a much different flood map than what we use today. 

When's the next Town Hall Meeting ?

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