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Lawndale Village Apartments At 1500 Lawndale Plz.

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Hello everyone, i moved in to Houston back in 2004.  when we first came we were stayed with my uncle that lived in the lawndale apartments. that are right next to the dollar store (or were back then it was the fiesta store) and and across from a small shopping center and gas station. Well i have heard story's about the apartments were used by soldiers during the war era. does anyone know anything about this? 

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google:  Cite 69 l OffCite - By The Wayside for info. on the Lawndale Village Apartments... p.30, 3rd paragraph.


Architect/ developer was William Giddings Farrington. You can find his biography at - Uhsystem.edu - interesting note - he would later develop Tanglewood.


The sources mention the strong design of the yr.1944 apartment units, the war defense effort and Hughes Tool. The Lawndale Village Apartments were similar to the ones by the VA Hospital. He designed those, as well. 


Interesting, about the Redwood Apartments. It is a huge place. The redwood Wahoo Bar sat next to them, facing Lawndale Dr.


I wouldn't be surprised if the apartments housed pilots and the families of WWII workers. And after WWII ended, there was a housing shortage. So, they could have had many uses.







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