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Cypress Development


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Does anyone know if there will be any high rises in this area?  There is tremendous growth along the grand pkwy not to mention more homes being built.  Please merge if this has already been mentioned.  Thanks.



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Everytime I go home to visit my parents in Brenham, I marvel at how fast that area has grown.  I see many bars and pubs, restaurants and retail stores out there that are in the inner loop.  I reckon development will occur along the entire 99 loop. 

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I personally don't see it as this stretch of 99 & 290 do not rival that stretch of I-45 in terms of being a population or employment center. Perhaps it could one day way way in the future, but I think even at best it would still be 30-40 years down the line on a redevelopment of existing commercial land in Bridgeland rather than anew build. Howard Hughes has dedicated a lot of land in their plans to commercial so I could be wrong.. perhaps they keep land undeveloped like the Woodlands did until the time is right. My guess would be something similar to Vintage Park, maybe a bigger version of it.

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