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Houston's Growth


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Houston Poplation

Houston will surpassed Chicago

and Toronto Largset city in Canada by 2025 or 2030

People would of wished that Houston was located in Canada to surpassed Toronto to be the countrys largest.

Chicago - 2,862,304 210 sq mi

Toronto - 2,541,394 230 sq mi( this city grows rapidly the same like HT)

Houston - 2,016,349 545 sq mi

But as for Phoenix will surpassed Philadelphia by 2010 YES. ;)

What about Phoenix Population

But for Phoenix people surpassed Houston hummm <_<

People surpassed Houston to travel on highways and see more interesting things that goes here than Phoenix of having neighbors that is over 300 miles or more to travel out in a desert.

People are worried maybe if Phoenix was a look out towards Houston. Houston does have a larger land area than Phoenix does. Morely Phoenix is surrounded mountains but in parts of opening are many Indian Reservations that the city of Phoenix cannot grow into. Houston by itself is only behind by 1.7 million of Phoenix Greater Area Metro.

People otta know about the left over neighborhoods in the Northwestern Area south of the Woodlands that over quarter million live in if Houston can possibly urban the rest of those neighborhoods around Williowsbrook Mall the become the 3rd largest city.

Houston Urban - 2,016,394(5 mill in Metro)

Phoenix Metro - 3,714,302 in metro

Phoenix can rapidly only grow northward as Houston can grow north, east and west. :unsure:

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What makes Chicago city and economic power is the 9.4 million metro residents, not the 2.8 million that happen to be within the center city limits. This is something greatly overlooked in my opinion by people on this board.

I remember when I was about 10 years old, growing up in Wisconsin and studying my almanac every day. I had the top 50 cities in the US memorized by rank. I couldn't understand why Houston wasn't a bigger name and considered of higher importance in any of the places I lived. It was about two years later when I figured out that the economic and just general presence of the city was much more tightly correlated to the metro population.

Things started to make sense at that point, like why places like Minneapolis, San Fransisco, San Antonio, San Diego, Miami, and many others seem to take the position in society that they did.

The good news is Houston is catching up to Chicago in metro population. I don't dare estimate how long before it possibly overcomes it, but I hope it happens as soon as possible for Texas sake. :)


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Do you think Dallas metro population will catch up to Chicago's metro first? Since Dallas has more metro population then Houston.

I think both metros are far enough from Chicago (added to the fact that Chicago isn't stagnating like some northern metros like Detroit) that the current population isn't a huge factor. The growth in the next 10-15 years will be more crucial than the current numbers. Some big boom or bust in either are could affect things more than the current difference, especially given all that time. Chicago will not give up easy either way, there is a lot of good energy there.


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As far as Phoenix goes - when there is little water - there will be little growth.

Phoenix is in a desert and there is little water in the desert, while Ive never been to Phoenix Id venture to guess that the golf courses and homes in and around the area do little to conserve water (looking at L.V. as an example) - so when water becomes to expensive - the people will go elsewhere. Not to mention that by 2030 Mexico will more than likely be a much stronger economic power with greater internal stability and less coruption than today - how many people in Texas, California, and other border states will chose to move back to where their family is? Hard to tell?

Granted De-salinazation plants are expensive - but Houston has an abundant supply of water available from the Gulf. Phoenix has to reley on other sources since its to far from the ocean. Not to mention the ever growing populations of cities like Las Vegas, Tucson ect.... dare I even mention Los Angeles...

Cities are predicted to surpass others in total population many years before they actually do, the factors that go into predicting those population gains change every year.

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