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BREAKING NEWS: CBS Radio (Owner of KHMX, KKHH, KLOL & KILT) merging with Entercom

Blue Dogs

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CBS Radio  (the owner of KHMX, KLOL, KKHH & KILT in Houston) merging with Entercom in creating preeminent radio platform according to Mike McGuff, who posted the information on his Facebook page. Here's the latest statement from CBS Radio on the merger:




Tell us what you think about this merger, which includes KILT-AM Sports Radio 610:


A.) Love It.


B.) Hate It.


C.) Too soon to tell.

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Consolidation usually worsens the product. Houston radio sucks and it's getting worse. I listen to NPR, KPFT, KTRU and some sports talk (except 790 since they brought that idiot Innes back) but when they are doing endless commercials, I switch.

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