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Houston Bridges & Overpasses

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One of my favorite backdrops / photo spots is the Sabine Street Bridge...I've shot a few videos there and taken some pics there as well because I like the background image. Even used this shot as a header image on my site. Houston has to have one of the best skylines in the US (and probably the most overlooked). And I've always been a fan of the symbolism imposed by bridges so any time I can combine our skyline with a great bridge, I love it. I like how it has some great color contrasts with the green trees and the urban-esque (is that a word) skyline. It's just a great spot for photos and videos (except for the passing car noise). What other bridges are picturesque in Houston? I need more photo locations.




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In terms of overpasses, I don't think you can beat this spot. Just love the bayou and color contrast here. My office is there on the 16th Floor and sometimes on break I go and do my best to try and spot this from the window. Also Mr. AttorneyHouston...quite an awkward topic.

bridge over bayou.jpg

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Sorry I don't have any images but the McKee Street bridge is photogenic, as are some of the pedestrian bridges over Buffalo Bayou.

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