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Lowell Street Market: 718 W. 18th St.


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On 1/18/2024 at 5:12 AM, IntheKnowHouston said:

Leasing Teapresso Bar's former unit at Lowell Street Market is a restaurant called Vuji Cafe. The eatery's address is 718 West 18th St, Ste H.

Vuji Cafe is one of several accounts Instagram suggested to follow. It's how I came across the restaurant. According to Vuji Cafe's Instagram bio, it will offer Tex-Asian sandos.

Based on the accounts following (and are followed by the eatery), I'm assuming this may be a new dining concept from the proprietors of The Chicken & Rice Guys. Some may recall the restaurant briefly operated at 2723 Yale St, Suite 102. The unit was one of Nextseed's incubator spaces. 

There is also a registered domain for Vuji Cafe. However, the site is currently set to private.



Houston Chronicle published an article last week on Vuji Cafe. The restaurant is located at 718 W 18th St, Suite H. It's the latest addition to Lowell Street Market.

According to the article, Vuji Cafe hopes to open in May.


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Last week, Vuji Cafe shared design inspirations for its forthcoming restaurant.

Vuji Cafe is a Japanese restaurant specializing in Asian-Tex sandos. The eatery is located at 718 W 18th St, Ste H. It's the latest addition to Lowell Street Market.

More from Vuji Cafe's post:

We will be using a lot of Japandi themes (Scandinavian/Japanese - simplistic/minimalist) with a more comforting vibe (inspired by @cafe.slow in Saigon). We want our customer to feel at home and at ease through our food, drinks and the atmosphere.

One unique element we are playing around with is having a no shoes area with raised platforms where people can sit down on.




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