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Children's Assessment Center At 2500 Bolsover St.


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I haven't had time to do any research but I noticed when I was at the 24 hour fitness last week that they had torn out the old garage between the new garage and the children's protective services building in

the village. I guess they must be adding more space to their facility. Does anyone have any info on this new construction?

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Sign says Harris Co is doing the expansion on the Children's Assessment Center. Maybe megalawyer John O'Quinn didn't leave enough to do more than maintenance.


The parking situation there has changed drastically since the parking deck teardown. Even though CAC has its own newish deck to the west of the building, when the dozers arrived to take out the old deck, parking at 24 hr Fitness became tight overnight. Maybe they have a deal with the CAC staff, dunno. There is also a certain amount of parking poaching going on in the 24hr decks. I see folks leaving their cars and heading north or west to Kirby, maybe shopping or working at strip centers. Not much enforcement. Maybe they need to issue stickers to Kaplan students and the 24hr denizens.


Across Morningsilde at the Village Common (Benjys, Thai Spice etc) they have had a parking scold there for years. He tidies up and makes sure parkees are actually heading into eateries.

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