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Im a 31 year old black female with one child planning on moving to Houston or Dallas..I plan on moving summer 2015..need advice on areas to move.. I like going out (nightlife).. what are areas to stay away from? Whats good area to live in I dont want to live in a area where I wouldn't see no black ppl but not trying to live in the "hood", just want a few pointers

Im from St.Louis

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There are several Areas of town that would fit the bill. Houston is quite racially and ethnically diverse throughout much of the city. About how much can you afford in rent and describe the size of the apartment or house that you would like. Also, what about commute times to work? Roughly where will you be working (location), do you have a car?, and how long is your desired commute?

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Ok, that price range is a bit challenging in a lot of close in places in Houston. Let's call it $700..... I don't think that you will find too much inside of the loop (I-610) on the west or south sides. Inside 610 on The north side there likely are some nice locations but I don't know the area. Inside 610 on the east side of town There are also some areas. The area around The university of Houston may be just what you are looking for. It is African American and there are some good areas (there are also areas plagued with a lot of crime.... Research well). If you want to be in close to downtown, the near north side and the eastend, third ward may have what you need (others will know more than I).

Also consider the area along westheimer road between 610 and beltway 8. There might be some places in your price range there too. Others will also opine.

I am uncertain about pricing but I would encourage you to also look at the area south of the medical center.

30 minute commutes in Houston are considered short. I have friends and colleagues that commute well over and hour each way. One of the luxuries of living in close in Houston is not having to face those hour commutes but, getting around the city..... Taking that drive to go 9 miles..... Can still take 30 minutes..... Get used to traffic.

Here are the facts: Houston really is diverse. I think that you could pick ANY apartment complex in Houston and you will find African Amercians, Latinos, whites, new immigrants from Europe, and old-time Texans. While it is true that certain areas are more heavily white or Latino or black, the area along westheimer I think that you would fine quite mixed.

Good luck. Other folks (closer to your age....I'm an old fart) who have shopped for apartments recently are free to contradict me.....please do and help this young woman out!

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I'm curious... have you looked at a house rental?  There are areas in town where you can find a pretty well cared for home for $1,000-1,500 per month.  Perhaps you could find a roommate (other than your child) to help with costs?


I've rented a home before (over an apartment) and found it to be a much better experience - of course landlords are the rule of the day: you'll either get a good one, or a bad one.


Plus with a home you'll get more than 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom.


It really depends on what area of town you're interested in, and end up working in?  If you find a job in the Katy/Westchase area, then you'll want to find a lease out that way (to avoid traffic and added commuter costs).  If you find a job in Conroe, then you'll want to live up that way... central Houston (Inner Loop) then you'll be looking inside the Loop for a place to live.  again if you want to avoid a long commute.

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