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Francisco Studios At 4154 West Bellfort Ave.

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What was the building - warehouse at 4154 W Bellfort originally used for when it was built?? I have lived in the down the street for 35 yrs and I can never remember it being used for much of anything.  It is one of the weirdest looking building in the area still has the 50s to 60s look to the building.



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You might try the tax office using the address, city business licenses etc..  It's old for sure.  Now in the early 70's in the Spring Branch area they were throwing up large warehouses with those style sides that were formed and bolted in.  It looks like that style construction even if it isn't a tall building.

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I searched the Harris County online records, which are difficult to navigate and have little information, and it looks like the first transaction involving that property was between one William J. Grierson and one Michael Wendland, in 1971.  It looks like Grierson owned a lot of property in that area.   It has been used as various music and rehearsal studios for a while.

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  • The title was changed to 4154 W. Bellfort Ave.
  • The title was changed to Francisco Studios At 4154 West Bellfort Ave.

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