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Found this on it:

"The Hooley Haunted Mansion in Texas was a bed and breakfast in the 70s. It was also the site of a number of strange deaths."

It seems to have been featured in the book 13: An American Horror Story by Seph Lawless. A Google Search doesn't turn up anything fruitful. In fact putting a date restriction on to have nothing that was published after Oct. 1 2014 show up in the results leaves almost nothing. The only references are from HAIF (actual site not the forum) and a bug that allows Google to update content in the Latest Forum Posts section without modifying the published date.


So while I have never heard of the place, I would venture to say one of the following:


Possibly it's real but due to legal reasons a fake name was given

Or it's fake, and the book is a work of fiction

It might be a real mansion, with a fake location of Houston

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