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UNESCO: Friend or Foe?

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An interesting article I saw on ArchDaily that brings to the table two different views about historic preservation with the topic being UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Recently it was made public that a number of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings would become World Heritage Sites which is a very prestigious honor. If you aren't too familiar with UNESCO then definitely read up on them as they have done some wonderful things since it's inception, and bringing attention to endangered historical sites as well as protecting them. But some designations have, in my opinion, gone a bit to far where entire cities, towns, or villages are designated World Heritage Sites. I know that in some places in Europe this designation has become a mixed blessing where it prevents destruction of historical architecture, but at the same time it stagnates and hinders further growth and evolution of culture and peoples that live there.


Here is the link:





Hope y'all find it interesting. What are y'alls opinions on this?

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