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Hempcrete- Any Professional Interest?

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I've been reading up on hempcrete for use in residential construction and was wondering if there is any interest in Houston among architects, engineers, and builders for building a modest sized hempcrete house within the city.

My goal is to build a maximum 2000 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a workshop (or "maker room") in the most ecologically sound way possible while still keeping it affordable to a middle class family. Is there a better building method that would produce a normal looking house, that meets that goal better than using hempcrete? I understand the choice of finishes will have a big effect on the overall enviro-impact and construction cost, but I don't see any of those items being as unfamiliar as hempcrete, thus the focus of my inquiry.

Is there any interest? If I had an empty 6000 sq ft lot today, how soon could a design be completed and construction started? I imagine permitting will be an issue, as well as insurance, but I don't know how big of an issue. Any other stumbling blocks?

For reference, there was one hempcrete house built in a similar climate in Florida in 2012: http://hempcretehouse.coffeecup.com

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That's interesting.... I would think you would run into problems getting a permit.  Ideally you would want said structure to also be located out of any hurricane wind zones - so nothing coastal.


City of Houston Planning would probably be much more inclined to work with you than some Podunk suburban dept.  For instance: Its been my experience City of Galveston won't let you put an existing fudge-pop into an existing freezer unless you put a sprinkler system into the existing freezer first.  Because you know - FIRE!  And I'd wager there are some planning departments around that are even more Podunk or archaic.  They'll see "HEMP" and run screaming for something.

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