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Guilty Pleasures: Food


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I go through a jar of crunchy Peter Pan all by myself, weekly. I've loved peanut butter since I was a little kid.

Never tried Nutella. I assumed it had a chocolate, nutty taste based on color. Is that fairly accurate, Luminare?


It's Hazelnut, but its a chocolate spread so it's smooth not crunchy or anything. Nutella has been here for awhile, but it's only now starting to really catch on. I tried it for the first time when I was in Italy for a semester abroad (which is where Nutella comes from) and I love it. Over there peanut butter isn't really a thing like it is here. Over there its either jam, butter, or chocolate spread :)


I would say give it a try. It used to be only HEB sold them, but now every big grocer chain sells them.

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