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Winnipeg Skyscraper Project


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Hey Everyone,


I have a couple of queries and I would put them in the skyscraper section. So here is my first one and I will also post my second one. I plan to invest in real estate which is surely a good thing to do because it will get me positive results. But a few days back I read an article about the Fortress Real Development which is a bit shocking because the traders tried to act smart and they had to pay huge penalties for their irregular activities. Now those traders are developing a skyscraper at Winnipeg and its their new Winnipeg project. It has everything I am searching like security, near by super market, mortgage facility and much more.


My question is Are they worth trusting?


Your thoughts?

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I don't know anything about these guys but based on your account of the situation I would invest as much as humanly possible as I feel they are trustworthy beyond contention. Good luck and enjoy your forthcoming riches.

Also, in regard to the "irregular activities"...might I suggest activia or metamucil.

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