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KTRK-TV Ch. 13 news director Dave Strickland resigns after 14 years

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Exclusive from MikeMcGuff.com, this afternoon, KTRK Ch 13 news director Dave Strickland announced to the staff in an email he's leaving the ABC-owned station.

Rumors have been swirling the last few weeks that Strickland was leaving the station. He hadn't been at the station during that time. In the memo, Strickland cited the job was affecting his family, life and personal relationships.

Strickland was news director for 14 years. He started at KTRK-TV as an intern, worked his way up to sports producer, then news director. In between his KTRK time, Strickland was news director of WAVY-TV 10 Norfolk, VA.


Reaction from this development of Strickland leaving Ch. 13 ladies and gentlemen?

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Well, network news is one thing but that's not ABC 13 LOCAL news.  I can watch any of the big 3 networks for national happenings but I've been loyal to 13 for years concerning local news.


WTH is going on in Houston?  First 11 is having a mid year crisis and now 13.  I can't blame anyone for ditching a job that adversely affects the home front but why not have a sit down with the brass first and discuss it?  CBS changed owners but to my knowledge, ABC didn't.


I'm currently getting my news fix from two sides, Houston and Austin so I'm not totally bound to either but I've gotta say that if channel 13 goes to pot, I'll just have to sign off completely when in Houston.  When Dave leaves, so will I.

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