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Richmond Ave.

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Ok I didn't know where else to post this, but I did an event recently at StereoLive on the Richmond Strip, and I felt like I had taken a step back in time because I hadn't been in that area in so long. Compared with all the new denser development going on throughout the city, this part of Houston seemed to be very neglected. There seems to be very little city infrastructure as far as sidewalks and beautification of the area. I saw multiple abandoned buildings, next to strip clubs, next to suburban style hotels, next to office towers all with little walk-ability. Now every section of the city I've been around is overall aesthetically pleasing. I mean you have a few eye sores here and there as in any city, but it just felt like such a step back from what the rest of the city is doing. I say all of this to ask, what is the plan for this part of town? With the recent passing of the Complete Streets ordinance, I figured at some point brand new infrastructure would implemented.

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Well, which part? There's the Inner Loop part with Afton Oaks, Culberson, and whole METRO fiasco, but Richmond goes farther west than that.


Never mind, it is outer loop. I...don't know.  :unsure:

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I think that was before the McDonald's packed up and demolished the old Magnolia Bar & Grill, so that's another vacancy. And frankly, if the sexually oriented businesses (strip clubs, novelty stores etc.) to fast food is almost one to one, you've got a HUGE problem!


Maybe it was another part of Richmond, but I seem to remember the road in this general vicinity tending to be a disaster area (tons of potholes!)

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No I didn't notice the road to be that bad when I was there, it was more the lack of infrastructure and up keeping... I mean there were basically no sidewalks, and grass had overgrown most of the lots along with crumbling buildings. The Joe's Crab Shack shown in the article hasn't changed a single bit. I guess what I'm getting at is even with a lack of development, why doesn't the city clean up this area and make it more pedestrian friendly. There were plenty of people trying to walk around the area it just didn't seem very feasible. If this area wants to be strip club central the way its always been I say more power to them, but at least make it a nicer area.

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