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Deborah Wrigley in accident on way home from KTRK Ch 13

Blue Dogs

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Mike McGuff of mikemcguff.com reported on Tuesday that KTRK Ch 13 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Wrigley had just wrapped up her day covering the Houston Fire Department contract vote, and then suddenly needed the department's services.

As she posted on Facebook, Wrigley was hit by a car on her way home. She described it as "being in a blender of car parts." She appears to be OK now based on the fact she took to Facebook to recount the event.

Wrigley's words of advice: "drive defensively!"


Reaction from anyone on Wrigley's accident?

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Dave Ward suffered a concussion and a broken pelvis when he fell off his motorcycle in a charity motorcycle race at the Astrodome in 1974. It happened when he tried to stand up on the cycle while going about 30 mph, and to this day he will tell you that attempted stunt was far and away the stupidest thing he has ever done.


In 2003 he broke a leg in an auto accident, and in 2012, he had surgery to repair a broken hip after he tripped and fell in the studio on the station's news set. Can you spell "injury prone?"


Shifting gears, so to speak, while Googling for info on Dave Ward's health "problems", one of the links that turned up was a story about a car and motorcycle accident that sent the motorcycle rider to a hospital last year. Check out where it happened.


"CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - According to public information officer LaTresha Woodruff, a motorcycle and car have collided in Conway. Woodruff said the accident was on Dave Ward Drive in front of the Gulf Station. She said the car was turning into the station, and the motorcycle did not stop for some reason. The motorcycle rider was sent to a hospital on a med-evac flight, but he was DOA."


And I found another story from Pensacola Florida about a guy named Dave Ward who sustained minor injuries in a motorcycle accident. Also last year. What is it with these guys???


Call all Dave Wards...Calling all Dave Wards...Stay the hell away from motorcycles.


There's a sign post up ahead. You're in the Twilight Zone.

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