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Rumor Has It


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That 419 Isolde in Memorial Bend will soon be coming up for sale. From what I was told, it will list for somewhere around $240K.

Now... the current owner has done some stupid things to it but several are reversible. Besides, from what I recall of the house, it has some cool original features, including:

A japanese style atrium in the living room area

A shoji screen separating the dining room from the living room

A kitchen that is really well placed for entertaining (open and in the middle of the house)

Very cool planar facade with post and beam construction, clerestory windows and some nice wood screens in the front that provide a nice modern look

Original narrow-board hardwoods

I really really hope the right person snatches this one up when it is listed. We're thinking of popping in and taking a look. It was designed by Floyd and there are two other examples in the neighborhood. One is in really bad shape (Beltway 8 location) and the other is owned by a former CRS architect who unfortunately removed the atrium and the shoji screen.

On a related note, this house (http://openhouse4u.com/houston/listingpages/listingdetails.asp?refno=9303083) is about to get razed for a McMansion.

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I'll grab the number and post it.

Here is an old photo (landscaping has improved markedly):


It is similar to this house:


...although with more original features.

Here is a description of the second picture from 1958 but the houses are nearly identical. The one for sale has a cool wood screen by the front door.


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