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French Fries And Bumper Stickers


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funny stories from the Detroit Free Press

"And hey, I just might come up with a few of my own, like "Ticket Me for My Loud Muffler," inspired by a neighbor who insists on driving poorly maintained cars way past their prime or, of course, "Car Not Equipped With Turn Signals" for all those folks who haven't figured out what that lever near the steering wheel is all about."

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I was always interested in "Tagging" those kinds of cars too.

Of course, my peeves are "Can't Merge into Traffic," "Doesn't Look First," "Doesn't Keep Up with the Flow of Traffic," "Handicapped, Mentally," "Left Lane Hog," and, you can't forget, "WARNING: SENIOR!"

Of course mine would read, "Drives Minivan like Porsche, Uses Turn Signals, Can Slow Down without using Brake."

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