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The Valencia Condominiums At 1711 Old Spanish Trl.

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i dont believe anything has been mentioned on this deal and i walked the property this afternoon. its located on o.s.t. between greenbriar and fannin (next to the rail). to be honest, i was blown away by the interiors for being a rental. they do not have all the c.o.s yet but do have some occupants. its the only mid-rise rental community within the area; 4-story over 2-story podium sitting on +/- 2.5 acres. rents are reasonable at $1.25 psf. pictures for your viewing/critiquing pleasure ;)












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Guest danax

This is helping that area to upgrade a notch or two. Isn't that area now called Smithlands? That's what the MetroRail voice calls it. Is this another re-named area like Uptown or Midtown or has it always had that name?

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Great news for that area.

Now, as for the parking lot there, for the TMC workers, it may be a smart move in the future to build a garage, to replace the lot, create more spaces, and perhaps leave some room for a new hospital, or whatever.

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I'm sure the owner of the Smithlands parking lot has that in mind. The TMC will soon be built out with no more room. The smithlands Lot would provide more acreage for new buildings while still being along the LRT line. A parking garage would just be needed to replace the surface parking. Seems like a plan to me.


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uh yeah, the TMC (baylor, meth, ut, etc) owns most of the land around the area. currently, they are purchasing additional land to the south for expansion. the parking lots one day could become buildings and/or garages.

edited to add you can view the master plan here:

tmc website

the south campus will be south of ost and run down towards reliant park.


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Well, if Metro can develop the TMC station, I don't see why the TMC can't develop the parking lot, as well.

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  • The title was changed to The Valencia Condominiums At 1711 Old Spanish Trl.

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