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A Building Design of my Own

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This is a project I did about 2 years ago. The model is still in my closet. I designed it from my own imagination on paper first, then made this physical model of the structure. If you look at it closely, all of the sections connect, therefore all floors are reachable from one another. Some of the advanced designers out there may see some major/minor flaws in the design, but I still like the look of it! Could it actually be constructed the way it is designed? Would you want it in your town?  :unsure:



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Every floor is a T, flipping back and forth.  Since it could be supported from the corners, I think it would go well just perching over the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) block, with the different shells/pods as different expandable collection and installation galleries, and serving the double role of shielding the sun before it reflects from the north onto Nasher's sculpture center.  I think it would be better if each lozenge weren't filled up with floors like filing cabinets, but rather were like a display case full of partly enclosed spaces, an interesting display of smaller baubles  (Look up St. Louis' City Museum for the sorts of things I mean.) -- a great addition to a downtown arts district.

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