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Traffic Light Near Westheimer Rd. And Kirkwood Rd.

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This is SO MINOR but the light before Kirkwood (or after depending on which way your going) is going up and omg!!! THANK GOD!!!!

I mean its so dangerous getting onto Westheimer or crossing this will be SO GOOD for Royal Oaks people trying to cross the street, or people from (whatever that street is) to cross or for people to get onto Westheimer. I have been taking backroads because I want to avoid even TRYING To get around that mess.

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okay I drove down that "unknown" street that needs the stoplight and I saw 3 guys and a truck there. They even had a sign, "Signal work" and I was thinking, "Yes!! Yes!! now we're in business!! they are putting the light up tonight!!!"

Well at 2:00 PM needless to say the guys weren't there anymore. :(

Its NOT raining...they were actually looking like they were doing something... what is the friggan holdup? :(

get a crane and and people put that puppy up already!!! We down on this end are tired of waiting!!

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  • The title was changed to Traffic Light Near Westheimer Rd. And Kirkwood Rd.

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