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Strange Pigeon Seen at Work


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There is this pigeon I noticed at work a few weeks ago that has a green band around its leg. I've seen it on a regular basis since and when I came up close to it to take a photo it wasn't frightened, which I thought was strange.


I'm curious if someone knows if it is some part of a research project or something. Why else would it have a green band around its leg?




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Definately a racing pigeon, if they have been well cared for at home they are very friendly to people. To pigeons, we are their friends unless proved otherwise.

A racing pigeon with a good pedigree could be worth as much as $100,000.

If the bird has a rubber band type band as well as a permanent aluminum band it was part of an organized race. if you catch the bird you can contact the american racing pigeon association with the band number and they will notify the owner.

PO. Box 18465
Oklahoma City, OK, 73154-0465
Phone 405 848-5801

www.arpu.org or www.pigeon.org


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