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Houston's Palm Trees

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I haven't been in or around H-Town in a while, but I wanted to know if the palms that were planted around the city for the Super Bowl are still kept up? Also are there anymore proposed large scale landscaping projects that incorporate palms into the design around the city of Houston?

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all the palms i saw go up during the superbowl are still up. some have been a little ripped up due to storms.

since then, they've planted additional shrubbery along 45S, as well as 288 and i'm sure other places.

haven't noticed any new palms though, except outside houston.

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Most are doing find.

Highland Village and River Oaks Shopping Centers have Palms that have been doing quite will.

Once they are established they just need to get enough water. Houston seems like to extent to which palms can be planted when heading inland from Galveston.

North of the Woodlands the summers are dryer and the winters are too cold.

Houston's Climate is close enough but not tropical enough for optimal conditions.

What sucks about Palm trees is that they don't have a deep root system. strong wind can knock them down fairly easily. What is cool is that you can stand it back up and replant after it falls down. Usually they are flexible enough and skinny enough to let the wind pass on by without hurting them.

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I've got a Queen palm in my front yard and man it's beautiful.

I've noticed that there are far more palm trees in Houston than when I first arrived. It seems that it's the tree of choice for alot of the new landscaping in town.

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