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Bill Nye The Science Guy on trains

Slick Vik

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I do love model trains. They carry memories from childhood. But for me, there's more. If we had more and better trains in the U.S., I'm pretty sure we'd be better off. Trains are more efficient than just about any other form of transportation: They roll with much less friction than rubber tires. They do not have to carry surplus motive power (energy/unit of time). And, they run on schedules that can be optimized for energy use and level of service. What's not to love?...


--Bill Nye "The Science Guy"

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Couldn't agree more (especially with schedules). The rest of the world has figured out that while trains are expensive.... they are a  necessary method for moving citizens in a more efficient, timely, and cleaner manner. Plus, buses suck because they tear up roads (look at Westheimer), take up too much space on the road, pollute, and most importanly, are not as predictable as a train schedule.

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