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Houston MSM Carport help


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Hello.  I need some help with my Mid-century modern carport (see attached pic)  I need to replace it due to poor construction and I don't think it's height works well with the windows (it blocks too much light).  It was added to the home after the original build.  I have some ideas, but don't want to muck it up.  I am considering having the new one connect with the existing roof.  That would raise it some and at least provide more light.  I was thinking about using cinderblock for the posts even though it would not match the small section of brick on the opposite side of the house (you can't see it through the landscaping, but it's the same as the current brick on the carport).  I was also wanting to use some exposed wood to accent the wood beams in the claristory section (which is now back to it's natural color..not seen in pic).  


Other ideas:  add a post to the middle to reduce sag potential and avoid costly steel beams, add a large gate or 2 small ones


Any thought would be greatly appreciated. post-7845-0-52876500-1359047666_thumb.jp      

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Great looking house!


From a design standpoint, this Willow Meadows house on Willowgrove) in the google maps link below is well done.  I've been told the original version had a domed top (I think there might be a pic on here buried somewhere), but this actually looks better IMO. It's pretty open and airy, and has recessed lights for security.


Good luck, looks like you have good bones to work with.




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