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The Hobbit House Of Huntsville...


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More information about the Dan Phillips house in Huntsville for sale can be found by going to www.hcad.org and looking under Texas Appraisal Districts and click on Walker.

The address for the property is 910 University. According to the records found there, the first floor square footage is 559.4, and the second floor is 550.6. Additionally, there are two decks, one fore and one aft. I can't wait to post the photos of this cutie-pie!

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This is the infamous "Hobbit House of Huntsville", designed and built by Dan Phillips, a very innovate builder reknown for his green housebuilding ideas. Enjoy! :)







A few notes:

There is a rain catchment system on the roof that you see in the photos.

The walls are R-30 as far as insulation goes.

The material on the roof is asphalt shingles.

The house was built in 2004, and has other similar buildings near it.

(Not sure if Dan built those or not, but they look like he might have.)

It's for sale, and it is within 2 blocks of the Huntsville Square.

a little background on Dan Phillips of Huntsville

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