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Sprouts Farmers Market At 23105 Cinco Ranch Blvd.


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It looks like Sprouts Farmers Market, which is like a smaller Whole Foods or Central Market, or a slightly larger Trader Joes, is being built at the corner of Cinco Ranch Blvd and Peek. Reviews make it sound like they have pretty good pricing on produce, meats and deli items like sandwiches, and a pretty good bulk selection. I wouldn't have guessed a store like that would be built at that location.

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Which corner is it? It can't be on the north side of Cinco Ranch Blvd, because of the golf club and that other shopping center. Either it will be behind the church on the SE, or they'll have to demolish that little building on the SW corner that has been there forever but I still don't know what it is for or if it's actually used. I guess that's the most likely spot.

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When I saw the buildings being demolished I performed a few online searches to see if anything popped up about that address. If you perform a search on "23105 Cinco Ranch Blvd" you' get results leading to several PDF's concerning the construction bidding for a Sprouts at that location. The Sprouts web site in their gallery section has a short video tour through what I guess is a typical Sprouts store.

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