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Top 50 Cities for Global Trade (U.S.)

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Quite impressive. Houston has quite an economic impact.

2. Houston, Texas

Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX

$80.6 billion | Mexico, Canada, China | Chemicals, Petroleum and Coal Products, Machinery


The top 5:

1. New York

2. Houston

3. Los Angeles

4. Detroit

5. Miami

I thought Boston and Chicago would have had a greater impact.

I was quite surprised by El Paso.

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"Houston ranks ahead of Los Angeles and a mere $5 billion behind New York, despite having half and one-third the populations, respectively. True, this little global engine that could is powered by a lot of big boy industries and companies—Houston, we have a Halliburton—but its consistent ranking as a top city not only for doing business, but also in which to work and live, must lend to its success. –Steve Lowery"

Each of the other top cities got nice big blurbs that made it also seem as though they were appealing places to live. Houston got a quick paragraph and a mere guess at why we're high on the list.

I'd expect this sort of a snub from Forbes, but for a magazine that specializes in its namesake, 'Global Trade,' that's just amateurish.

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