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Chapparel Club In Dickinson

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I was fiddling around on Google Earth the other day and discovered something odd just north of the Chapparel Clubhouse on Dickinson Bayou. On the picnic grounds there is an old putt-putt golf course that was apparently for member use. The course spells out "The Santo Club Inc" viewed from above. I knew that the club was once the former Monsanto employee recreation center, but I never knew that it was called The Santo Club. Interesting Find.

BTW. The club is located just west of I-45 south of the bayou.

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Thanks for the find - I had only been by there to see the "pool" and the clubhouse - I didn't know much more about the place. Of course there's a street right around there that I've driven on dozens of times named "Santo Park" and I can't believe I didn't see the huge "Santo Club" in the aerials!

Here's a preview of the May 16, 1960 La Marque times that mentions it (among others, but it only lets you preview two pages without a subscription):


For reference:

https://maps.google....exas 77539&z=20


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