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Do You Remember E.T. Scruggs Restaurant Or Theodores Club


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Used to work at the restaurant. Mainly valet parked cars, but also worked inside when

they got hard up for help. That was about 1977 or so I think. They had a club around

the corner, but I never worked there.

The building which used to be an old house burned down several years ago.

P.S.. It was 1976 when I worked there. I remember the ammonia tanker crash

happened when I was working there, as that was where I was heading when

I drove through that mess. "I was about 5 minutes behind the tanker when he

rolled off the interchange"

I checked when the crash was, and it was May 1976.

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I've never seen any.. It was the typical victorian era 2 story type of house. Or I think it was two

story anyway.. It also had a large attic. When it was open, they had both outdoor and indoor

dining areas, and I believe a bar area if I remember right. Seems like the bar was on the

second story.

BTW, I'm almost positive the name of the restaurant was Theodores when I worked there.

I do not remember it being E.T. Scruggs. And the club around the corner was also called

Theodores at that time.. It's been so long, I can't even remember "Theodores" last

name.. We called him "Ted" as I recall.. I remember his parents used to come in a lot also.

I'll probably come to me some day.. It's wandering about in the fog.. :+

For some reason, I'm semi recalling that E.T. Scruggs was the original name, and Ted had

a partner at that time. They named the restaurant for one, "Scruggs", and named the club

after the other. "Theodore"

But.. Seems to me that Ted bought him out, and renamed both the restaurant and the club

Theodores. I think that's the story anyway, but don't hold me to it.. That was 35 years ago.. :/

It was a fairly hopping place at that time, particularly for the lunch crowd.

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