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Salvage Warehouse At 1200 National St.


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Got this in an email. . . . they used to be located on Clay street across from the Printing History museum--not sure where they hope to be located. . . . .,


HOUSTON, TEXAS JUNE 26, 2012: Historic Houston a 501©(3) non-profit dedicated to sustainability through the preservation and conservation of Houston's architecture and architectural building resources.

In June 2011 Historic Houston was forced to close its Salvage Warehouse and liquidate its remaining inventory at public auction as a direct result of the economic downturn. Over the last year Historic Houston underwent organizational re-structuring but continued to maintain its Landmark Medallion Plaque Program providing medallion plaques to historic property owners that have designated their homes or buildings as a Landmark for the City of Houston.

Historic Houston announced today it has begun a major fundraising campaign to raise $350,000.00 to re-establish and re-open Historic Houston's Salvage Warehouse under a new business model. Under the new model, deconstruction will be offered as a fee-based service, a model consistent with other non-profit organizations across the county that are involved in deconstruction as a sustainable practice to reduce waste and divert material from the waste stream. Historic Houston Salvage Warehouse will remain the end recipient of the reclaimed building materials for re-sale to the public.

Historic Houston will immediately begin accepting donations of houses and materials, but the re-opening of the retail outlet will occur only after the fundraising efforts have reached its goal. Several fundraising events are already being planned to kick off the capital campaign.

Since its opening in 2002 Historic Houston's Salvage Warehouse had become a regional resource providing affordable reclaimed historic building materials to architects, designers, artist, home builders and property owners throughout an 11 county area of Southeast Texas.

Historic Houston

Lynn Edmundson, Interim Executive Director

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