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COH Hurricane season workshop

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Additionally, Houstonians are encouraged to attend the 2012 National Weather Service Hurricane Workshop on Saturday, June 9, 2012, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Hall B, 1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston 77010. This family-friendly, fun-filled event will provide information and resources to help build your emergency kit, make your emergency plan and stay informed before, during and after hurricanes. To learn more visit www.hurricaneworkshop.com.

If an evacuation is necessary, it is key to have a plan for how to get out of harm's way. If you are unable to evacuate by yourself or with the help of family and friends, register for the Transportation Assistance Registry by calling 2-1-1 from any phone in Texas or by visiting www.houstonoem.net.

http://risk.rtsnets.com/ and find out the risk level for:

  • Flooding from rainfall
  • Power outages
  • Storm surge
  • Wind damage

This hurricane season, Houstonians are encouraged to develop their emergency plans based on the threats for the area in which they live. Only those residents who live in an area with risk of storm surge should plan to evacuate before a storm. Those with no risk of storm surge are encouraged to plan to shelter-in-place during a hurricane or tropical storm impact, and evacuate after. For more information on how to develop an emergency plan, visit the Office of Emergency Management website at www.houstonoem.net as well as www.readyhoustontx.gov.

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