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Towing In Montrose Website For Locating Towed Vehicles

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I saw this in COH newsletter=>

Website for Locating Towed Vehicles

Yo u might remember the popular movie, "Dude, Where's My Car?" The Houston Police Department (HPD) helps answer that question at www.findmytowedcar.com, a website that helps a driver determine where his/her vehicle is stored in the event that it is towed from a location without consent.

www.findmytowedcar.com provides up-to-date information much quicker than the old, telephone-based system. The website allows the public to make real-time inquiries into towed vehicles. Additionally, storage lot owners can track the receipt and release of vehicles immediately and electronically.

For more information visit www.findmytowedcar.com or visit www.houstonpolice.org and click on the "Find My Towed Car" link. You may also call the HPD Auto Dealers Detail at 832.394.4800.

I wonder if it is a coincidence that in the last month the number of tow trucks in and around my neighborhood (Avondale) seem to have increased.

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