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Lost Female Boxer - Central TX


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Fellow HAIFers,

I am hoping your networks can help me out. My female boxer ran away this past weekend in Kosse TX. Would love to help me spread the word and if you know anyone in the Limestone county area, that would be awesome.


Female Boxer named Kimee ran away from a house in central Texas (Kosse, Texas). Kimee is 9 years old and has a little gray around her face. She is fawn in coloring with a white collar, white chest and white sox.

Kimee was wearing a red collar with ID tags when last seen. We are focusing our search on central Texas near the Waco/Limestone county area. Kosse is located 45 miles Southeast of Waco. Here is a map of the town:



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I can't really do anything to help from Houston - and I don't know anyone out there. Sorry.

I don't intend to provide false hope, but I've been witness to three occasions in which dogs have gotten loose and trekked dozens - even hundreds - of miles to a place familiar to them to be reunited with their families. One way or another, I hope you find her.

Good luck.

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