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Wrestling Match on I-45


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Almost wish I had a Moscow spec GoPro rolling at all times to pick stuff like this up.

Leaving work yesterday around 4:45 or so, I was passing through downtown on I-45 northbound near the interchange with I-10. Traffic is usually slow there, so it wasn't unusual to see a lot of brake lights in the area.

Nor was it unusual to see the '98-ish Malibu on the shoulder, there's one of those broken down every half mile or so. What was odd was a fairly large man and his old lady (who probably outweighed him by 50 lbs.) doing a fairly accurate impression of a Sumo wrestling maneuver immediately to the rear of their hoopty. I gathered that he was trying to get her to go back in the car in the midst of a full body conniption fit, but in the process they looked likely to throw themselves in the path of a speeding taco truck.

Perhaps sensing the awkwardness of the thousands of commuters and downtown office dwellers with a westward facing window, our chubby heroine acquiesced, and headed back to the car, though apparently with some reluctance as she repeatedly slammed the passenger side door in to the concrete guardrail before squeezing her considerable girth back in to the seat.

I've never seen anything like that on the side of a road. I considered calling the cops until the wrestling match was called off and they were getting back in to the car. No way I'm following a train wreck like that down the highway.

If people are willing to act like that in broad daylight in front of thousands of witnesses, it staggers the imagination to wonder what they do in private.

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one would imagine makeup sex, but judging from your description, that's not something one wants to think on.

I wonder how difficult it would be to set up a google maps type setup on top of your car, and then just stream it to youtube?

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