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Will COH give Metro back it's 25% in 2014

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I attended the Neartown (Superneighborhood "umbrella" organization of the 22 neighborhoods of Montrose)

meeting this week.

A spokesperson of RichmondRail.org updated the status of the University line on Richmond west of Main street. . . . . . . essentially dead in the water for the next 8+ years unless Federal Funds can be found to revitalized project. The uptown line which is progressing uses local funding.

But I heard something interesting---- apparently back in 1998 when Metro was talking up the possibility of the MetroTrain to the cities where the tracks would be laid (Houston, West University, Bellaire) a 25% incentive (from the funds Metro raised) would be given to those cities to be directed into "General Mobility funds." That ends in 2014.

But. . . . . . now it gets more interesting. . . . . . If Metro got those funds back, the University line might be able to break gound in 2014.

Getting those cities to give back the 25% seems like an uphill battle. I was wondering if anyone else had any information about this?

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