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Two Large Buildings At I-45N And Rankin Rd.


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There are 2 huge buildings (warehouse style) going up on the East side of I-45, a few hundred feet north of Rankin Road. Both buildings are 1-2 story, with large curved roofs. Very large surface lots.

I've been thinking a car dealership (or two), but am wondering if anybody knows more details.


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I have no idea myself. I've tried researching it a little bit but haven't found anything. It looks like the layout of a dealership, but parts of the the buildings don't really look like it. Whatever it is, it seems like it's taking forever for them to finish.

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It is The Woodlands Army Reserve Center. Satterfield & Pontikes Federal Div. is handling it, so that is why you are probably not getting much info if you are calling/emailing them. I haven't seen drawings on this in almost two years but at the time the building with the rounded roof had an entire level below grade. I didn't understand the reasoning for it. It wasn't reinfored structurally to act like a bomb shelter.

And like I said, it's a Federal job. You better bet it's going to take much longer to build compared to...well anything else. Haahaha!

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Happen to know about the big pile of dirt across the street, at Rankin Road and Kuykendahl (SE Corner)? They're digging fairly deep, so some of us are thinking a gas station (for the tanks)

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