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Homes At 921-935 W. 24th St.


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Is there an easy way to figure out who is doing the construction on this lot?

They tore out trees last night and left a huge hole under our fence and into our yard, making the fence and land unstable.

The property does not appear to have an address - one side is 921 the other is 935.


*edit* nevermind, the land belongs to one of the home owners. It is a shame they have torn out every old tree to, I assume, sell the lot.

Another question then, what type of person would we contact to see if the land has been properly stabilized? Our lot is about 2-3 feet above theirs and the tree had large roots under the fence onto our property.

so when they yanked it out, it make a pretty big hole. They KIND OF pushed some dirt into the hole.

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...they removed another tree and now the fence separating us from our neighbors has been separated from the back property fence.

SMH. This is going to be a nightmare to get fixed.

Moral of the story, don't hire a few guys who don't speak English and tell them 'go to town' when they're going to remove large trees growing on your property line/under your nieghbor's fence.

...any ideas on who to call to look at/fix all of this?

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I just watched my wife's video of one of the tree take downs. Who brings down a tree by pulling it down with a back hoe? I wish I knew enough about construction to bring this to a halt, I bet all of you $100 they have no permits.

We are going to to speak to the home owners tonight (they are clearing half of their lot, I am guessing to sell it). I'm going to be polite but they're getting my business card when I leave 'in case they have any questions.' (<--- lawyer)

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Keep track of everything they damage on your property, then ask them to pay you to fix it. If they refuse, sue them in small claims court. Figure out how to put a lien on the property so they can't sell it.

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  • The title was changed to 921-935 W. 24th St. - What Builder?
  • The title was changed to Homes At 921-935 W. 24th St.

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