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How long does it take HCAD to register a new owner of a Foreclosure?


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I purchased a bank foreclosure back in December 2011 at the Houston Downtown auction in front of the Family Law Center. I received the paperwork in December from the Trustee showing the sale with me as the owner. However, when I check HCAD.org it still shows the old owner as the current owner of the property. Does anyone know how long it typically takes for HCAD to update its records to show the new owner of a recently purchased property?

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HCAD isn't really relevant to property ownership, other than as an easy way to get an idea of who owns a property. You need to make sure ahtt the deed transferring the property to you was recorded - that's what HCAD uses for their records.You can look at the County clerk site, and search the real property records, or you can go to the County Clerk's office in person to search the records.

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Thanks guys!!! Great help!

I went to the downtown county clerk office and brought along a copy of the deed that was sent directly to me by the Trustee... When I showed the clerk my paperwork she said it looks like they sent me the original deed... Sure enough it was the original deed and their office did not receive any paperwork from the auction regarding the property... She informed me that they typically get the paper first... So she processed my deed to make it further official... BUT she informed me that I would have to travel to the HCAD office and have them update their records since HCAD and the County Clerk office is completely separate and I guess don't communicate with one another... I thought once you purchased a foreclosure at the downtown auction all the paperwork would be done for you....Learned something new!

Anyway thanks again guys for the help!

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