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Barnstone Lecture by Stephen Fox- kickoff to MODern Market 2012


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Houston MODern Market 2012 begins Wednesday with a talk about noted architect Howard Barnstone presented by Stephen Fox. The event will be held February 22nd, 6:30 PM, at ArCH, 315 Capitol Street. Refreshments to follow the presentation. Free Admission.

Howard Barnstone:

The Paradoxes of Modern Practice

Howard Barnstone was Houston’s most publicized

modern architect of the 1950s and ‘60s. A prolific

designer, professor of architecture at the University of

Houston, and author of two seminal books, The

Galveston That Was (1966) and The Architecture of John

F. Staub: Houston and the South (1979), Barnstone was

at various times in partnership with Preston M. Bolton and

Eugene Aubry. Barnstone’s productive career, his

influence on several generations of students at the

University of Houston, and his impact on Houston’s

cultural scene make him one of the most compelling

figures in the history of twentieth-century architecture in


Stephen Fox is an architectural historian and a fellow of

the Anchorage Foundation of Texas. He is an adjunct

lecturer in architecture at Rice University and The

University of Houston, and author of The Campus Guide:

Rice University, The Houston Architectural Guide, and

The Galveston Architecture Guidebook. Fox has been

described by The Houston Chronicle as, "a sort of

unofficial collective conscience for the city..."


Gordon House, Interior View, Bolton & Barnstone Architects, Houston, Texas, 1955

Photo Courtesy Architectural Record

Parking is available at the Hobby Center garage.

Visit HoustonModernMarket.com for more information about numerous MODern Market events this week.

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