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Highway 249 Expansion To Finally Be Addressed?


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Northwest Harris County residents have been screwed for years by inattentive/ineffective leaders including judges and congressmen who's inside dealings have ensured we get nothing unless it contains a toll-road element routed through land they or their buddies own an interest in. They've held things up for years to the point where residents are begging for anything to ease congestion (including a tollroad...funny how that works).


Anyhow...it looks like they're finally going to get to work on this project. Hopefully, the greedy bastards at HCTA and the people at TXDoT will be smart enough to expand the freeway connector options DOWNSTREAM where 249 connects to the Beltway and finally turn 249 South of the Beltway into a freeway that merges into I-45 (though that would make too much sense for commuters).

Here's the article:


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If political cronies own the land nearby, why would they want a toll road instead of a regular freeway? Seems like a regular freeway would give a bigger bump for their property values and that they hold the purse strings and could make it happen...assuming there were anything in the purse, of course, which there isn't. Maybe some lint and a couple of dull pennies.

Not everything is a conspiracy. Sometimes its just a commonplace political calculation. 'Would the constituents rather pay more taxes or pay a user fee on infrastructure?' 'Is the State willing to back us over Dallas or Austin, or the Grand Parkway?' 'If we get in line for funding now, how many years will we have to wait?'

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Seriously Niche, you need not comment on every thread.

John Lindsey / Beltway 8

John Lindsey / Grand Parkway

I don't comment on every thread, however I do tend to comment on ones that I believe to be laced with misinformation or toxic rhetoric...so as it so happens, I do comment on most of your threads.

John Lindsey has helped to push through highway projects (both tolled and non-tolled) in which he was self-interested, however that does not seem to lend credence to your theory that he or anybody else has a self-interested preference for toll roads over regular freeways.

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In my dreams, Texas 249 would expand to a superhighway well beyond Navasota. Not only would it go to Navasota, but piggyback on Highway 6 and head west toward Austin. Not only would it be a full freeway to Interstate 45, it would have a full interchange with US-59, which would be re-signed as Interstate 69.

A situation like that would almost certainly be a toll road, however.

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In my dreams, they'd convert the rest of 249 South of the Beltway to I-45 into a freeway.

I agree. I've never figured out the theory of having a freeway end inside the beltway. Where do they think all of these vehicles are headed? Acres Homes?
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